Semi-buried Waste Container

The CUBE (semi-buried waste container) boast a reliable and leak-proof design that is at home esthetically and technically demanding environments, compatible with most front loader standards. Its durable components and robust double structure The CUBE guarantees leak-proof performance. The easy filing hatches can be equipped with locks.

Available in 5m³ and 5m³ two compartments, The CUBE is an innovation for better usability and enhanced appearance. Thanks to its rectangular shape, The Cube excels where you need maximum space efficiency.

Waste management

– More cost efficient
– Fewer and faster pick up
– Low maintenance
– No risk of leakage

Architects and Designers

– Visually pleasing
– Architectural integration
– With adaptable panelling
– Small footprint in relation to capacity

Housing managers, Housing companies, Home owners and Cities

– Economical to use
– Long emptying intervals
– Tidy and good looking without an expensive shed
– Easy to use for sorting & recycling
– Oderless

4 v3 / 3 000 L

6 v3 / 5 000 L

6,5 v3 / 5 000 L

8 v3 / 6 100 L


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The CUBE boast a reliable and leak-proof design that is at home esthetically...


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