Semi-buried Waste Container

The semi-buried, front-loading waste containers are part of an in-ground tank fixed and anchored to the ground at a depth of 45 inches. This depth, combined with the round shape of the container in the ground is ideal for dealing with the impacts that could damage the facilities, which might occur when replacing the container after the collection.

For its part, the fixed tank allows the container to fit well and prevents land subsidence at the time of collection. It also ensures that after each collection, the container is back in its place, so that the landscaping around remains perfectly intact.

Waste management

– More cost efficient
– Fewer and faster pick up
– Low maintenance
– No risk of leakage

Architects and Designers

– Visually pleasing
– Architectural integration
– With adaptable panelling
– Small footprint in relation to capacity

Housing managers, Housing companies, Home owners and Cities

– Economical to use
– Long emptying intervals
– Tidy and good looking without an expensive shed
– Easy to use for sorting & recycling
– Oderless

4 v3 / 3 000 L

6 v3 / 5 000 L

6,5 v3 / 5 000 L

8 v3 / 6 100 L