Semi-buried Waste Container collected by crane

The semi-buried, collected by crane container, TUBE, has been developed and designed to be very practical for users. With its aesthetic appearance, the TUBE takes its place within the urban area and integrates perfectly with the landscape. Collecting by crane allows positioning our semi-buried containers in confined spaces, maximizing space. Our TUBE can be customizable by color and contents, and is adaptable to all needs and applications. The collection of materials is underground, which allows an elimination of odours. Strategic locations of the TUBE can assist in regaining space within your parking lot.


The collection is easily done by a truck equipped with a crane.
  • Step 1: During the collection of the semi-buried container TUBE, only the lid and the bag are lifted. The main tub remains anchored in the ground.
  • Step 2: The reusable, double layered bag, is positioned above the truck to be emptied. The operator releases the contents by pulling the rope.
  • Step 3: Once emptied, the bag is closed using the rope and repositioned above the main tub of the TUBE.



In the collection the oprerator is near the container to guarantee a visual control. The height of the TUBE aboveground allows an optimal usage.


The semi-buried container TUBE is an aesthetic revolution, the different lining and finish allowing a perfect union with the environment.

Max capacity

From its round conception, the tub installed vertically promotes the natural compaction. This characteristic allows a maximum collection of the contents.


The semi-buried container TUBE are renowned odourless. In fact, the freshness in ground allows reducing proliferation of bacteria, while reducing malodour diffusion.

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