Underground waste containerEcoloxia environmental group Inc. is offering innovative products like underground waste container. Two of our main products are The Cube and The TUBE (collected by crane). The advantages of an underground waste container or semi-buried containers are space efficiency, long emptying intervals, oderless, tidy and good looking, etc.

An underground waste container to maximize capacity and efficiency

Nowadays efficiency is essential to maximize revenues. If you are an housing manager, housing company, home owner or city advisor, waste management needs to be simplified and efficient. That’s why we only sells underground waste containers that requires fewer pick up and that are faster to pick up. Visit the Cube and TUBE page for more details on our innovative products. We offer a great service and delivering throughout Canada.

Depending on your needs we have efficient product like The Cube that is vailable in 5m³ and 5m³ two compartments. Or The Totem is renowned odourless. In fact, the freshness in ground allows reducing proliferation of bacteria, while reducing malodour diffusion. The great thing with The TUBE is that it’s collected with a truck equipped with a crane, visit the TUBE webpage to see how it works!

The advantages of The TUBE is the Aesthetic, the security of the pick up, the max capacity and that it is odourless because the container is semi-buried in the ground. We are also selling commercial garbage bins and recycling bins, pre-sorting containers, 2 wheels and 4 wheels cart that are resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals. Take time to visit our website and you’ll be amaze of all the infos that you will find, like the specs sheets of our waste containers and much more. If you need any extra infos, feel free to contact us now!

You can also visit our Achievements or our Video page to see more photos and videos about some of our happy clients!
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